MYCARBON handheld infrared thermometer


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1. All black exclusive color
2. No separate switch is needed, one key to turn on + use, and it will automatically turn off after 20 seconds of inactivity.
3. Fast temperature measurement, 1 key temperature measurement, 0.5 seconds to complete, and automatically lock the temperature value.
4. Automatic backlight, soft backlight, clear display, suitable for viewing readings in dark scenes.
5. Self-calibration function (without a reasonable and professional calibration source, it is recommended not to use the self-calibration function)
6. A wide range of application scenarios, suitable for quickly measuring the surface temperature of various high-temperature, toxic or difficult-to-contact objects.
7. Convenient power distribution, using 1.5V AAA batteries*2 for power supply, easy to replace (most other brands use 9V batteries*1)



Technical parameter

Temperature measurement range: -50-380℃/-58-716℉
Product size: 93*43*150mm
Product weight: 124.7g (with battery)/109g (without battery)
Accuracy: When 0-380℃, ±1.5℃(±2.7℉)/ ±1.5% whichever is greater
At -50-0℃, ±3℃(±5℉)/±1.5% whichever is greater
Object distance ratio: 12:01
Emissivity: 0.95 (default preset), 0.8 (optional)
Minimum accuracy value: 0.1℃/ 1℉
Response time: 500ms
Response wavelength: 5-14 um
Repeatability: ±1℃/±1%
Color: all-black color
Shell material: ABS
Certification: CE FCC ROHS FDA

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