MYCARBON T3 Charging case


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Charge the headset:

Please put the headphones into the charging box if you hear the voice prompt of a low battery while using headphones. The red indicator on the headphones lights up after headphones in the case.
Once charging is complete, the indicator light will turn white for one minute.


To charge the charging case:

Put the headset into the charging box. If the red indicator on the headphones does not light up, you need to charge the charging box.
Please use a standard MicroUSB cable and charger to charge the charging case. The green indicator on the case is on to indicate that it is charging, and it goes out when charging is complete.


Technical details:

Size: 72x36x27.95mm


Color: Black


Certification: CE/ROHS/FCC/BQB/IPX5

Available times after charging: 4 times

DC input: 5V 500mA

DC output: 3.7V


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