Étui de chargement uniquement pour les écouteurs sans fil MYCARBON X10


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Headphone charging
1. Put the earphones back into the charging box, the earphones will automatically be magnetically attracted to the charging box to enter the charging state.
2. When charging, the headset slowly flashes the breathing light
3. After charging is completed, the headset light will stay on for 5 seconds and then go out, and the indicator light of the charging box will go out after 30 seconds.
Charging box charging
1. Please use a charger with an output voltage of DC5V/1A or a PC computer USB
2. During the charging of the charging box, the charging box has four white LED lights to display the power level. The LED lights will flash LED lights of different power levels according to different power levels (for example the first LED light flashes during charging, indicating that there is 0-25% Electricity; the first LED is always on, and the second LED is flashing, indicating that there is 25%-50% of the battery; the second LED is always on, and the third LED is flashing, indicating that there is 50%-75% of the battery; the third grid Constantly on, the fourth grid of LED lights flashing, indicating that there is 75%-99% of power; when the fourth grid is always on, it indicates that the charging box is 100% charged; when the charging box is full, the LED lights will be turned off.



Technical Detail:

Size: 75*50*36mm
Capacity: 1000mAh
Weight: 60g
Recharge time: 2 hours
Available times after charging: 8-10 times
Certification: CE, RoHS, BQB, IPX7

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