MYCARBON Magnetic Screen Door


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  • Very easy to install without any other tools. Quick and easy to install with hook and loop tape (included), which is simply applied to the door or removed without drilling, without blocking your doorway.
  • Insects screen for balcony door closes tightly and automatically. Equipped with 6 pairs of magnetic strips and 7 pairs of magnetic pieces, the two curtains close together automatically and without leaving a gap. At the same time, you will notice how easily they pull apart when you pass through them.
  • Goodbye flies. Keep annoying insects outside with a fly screen door. Especially on hot summer days, flies, bees, mosquitoes and co keep wandering into the house. This mosquito screen locks these flying creatures out, protects you against infectious diseases and mosquito and insect bites. Enjoy a healthy, comfortable and pleasant summer.
  • Let fresh air in. This magical mosquito net is gas-permeable and transparent. Open the door, and enjoy fresh air without flies. This Fly Screen with magnetic closure can be attached easily to your balcony door, bedroom, kitchen, children's room or sliding door.
  • The tight seal, elegant appearance. The insect screen door is made of tightly woven polyester fiber. The tear-resistant and stable material guarantee a long service life, and you won't need to replace your MyCarbon insect screen blind often. This Fly Curtain looks very elegant as a normal curtain.

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