Mycarbon Digital Luggage Scale


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A Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Compact Handy Luggage Scale Digital, Never Need to Pay Unexpected Overweight Luggage and Bag Fees Again While Using This Digital Pocket Scale

MYCARBON digital travel luggage scale with advanced high-precision strain gauge sensor system for consistent, accurate readings.
◆With the high precision sensor system, you don't need to pay unexpected overweight fees anymore.
◆Fast auto-lock function, please keep the item balance, then just take a few seconds to hold the.
◆Memory function, auto keep the previous weight unit when turned on again.
◆Once the reading is stable on the hanging scale, the display will lock the weight for easy reading.
◆The auto-off function hanging digital scale avoids the wasted energy of the battery.60 seconds auto off hanging luggage scale to help preserve both time and energy of the battery.
◆Tare function of the postal digital scale allows you to read the net weight of your luggage easily and precisely.
◆★ ★ New upgrade battery★ ★ -up to 30% longer running time than normal CR2030 battery.
◆Digital luggage scales' maximum capacity:110 Ibs(50kg);
Graduation of the travel luggage scale".35oz/.02Ib/10g, Color of this digital hanging scale, vibrant green digital display suitcase scale.

How to set up and select your preferred unit of weight: g/Ib/kg/Oz?
1. Hang the luggage scale in an upright position and press the power button.
2. Momentarily press the power button within 5 seconds after powering the digital scale to select your preferred unit of weight:g=Grams/Ib=Pounds/kg=Kilograms/Oz=Ounces
3. The screen will read 0.00 which indicates the scale is now ready to be used.

Notes of this small digital scale, Please keep the scale balance:
-Remove the insulating piece from the battery in the first use of this postal scale.
-Do not weigh stuff over 50kgs while using this digital scale.
-Suggest a double-hand operation for a 15-50kgs weight object.

Easy to pack and carry this pocket-size digital luggage scale, you can pack the weight scale into the travel pouch,

High-quality Stainless steel materials, heavy-duty construction weighed Rugged strap & clasp for heavy objects up to 110 Ibs. Don't use it to weigh animals or babies

Smart design and fashion style digital scale, good quality handheld luggage scale, perfect Gifts.